morning breakfast

eating breakfast is very important so you should not skip it. eggs, bacon, bread, Tocino, lugao is the common breakfast among all Filipinos but my breakfast today is doughnut 🙂 Follow me on instagram @itsme_kyle12 Advertisements

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Let your creativity BURST

I love creativity :). I love to decorate my room, My projects or flat laying. so @designsonus send me these cool stuffs that I can use to decorate something Cute isn’t’? you can put some pictures of your travels and memories inside those paper boxes and hang it on your wall. and those tapes? I bet […]

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Boredom Fashion

TGIF !! When I woke up there’s an idea that comes into my mind………. FASHION BLOGGING TIME !!! I search for clothes in my closet to see if I have a some fashionable clothes then this is what I got Im so bored at that time so forgive me! 🙂 Visit my Instagram click the username […]

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What I really love

Aside from blogging I love to take pictures like this: I edit my photos on VSCO CAM, PICSART and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP I dont have a Good camera, I have only my Itouch 5th gen and my So called Point and Shoot cam but it looks like a DSLR I believe you dont need a expensive […]

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